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On this episode:

Andrew Page is the founder of, a growing online investment community where Australian investors can share and scrutinise each other’s investment ideas. If you’re an avid consumer of financial media in Australia, chances are, you would have seen Andrew on television.

I had a lot of fun talking to Andrew about his journey from biology to investing to business, and the trials and tribulations of early entrepreneurship. Andrew shares some great lessons about building a brand, being critical of your own ideas and embracing the wisdom of others.

Please enjoy my conversation with Andrew Page.


  • 0:45: Intro to Andrew Page
  • 1:15: Andrew graduates with… a Bachelor of Microbiology
  • 3:00 Andrew hated finance, at first
  • 6:00 Experiencing the dotcom bust
  • 7:55 Andrew leaves investing and starts his own business with mates
  • 10:30 First foray into the media
  • 12:10 The power of personal brands in finance
  • 14:18 Andrew’s time at The Motley Fool & dividend investing
  • 15:50 Investment Philosophy
  • 21:20 Andrew’s latest venture
  • 24:25 Andrew’s vision for Strawman
  • 32:40 Owen is afraid to talk about investment ideas at a family BBQ
  • 33:45 Where did Andrew find the courage to commit to starting a new business, and what advice does he have for other entrepreneurs?
  • 38:52 How did personal brand help Andrew enhance his career?
  • 41:00 Owen’s tips for career starters in finance
  • 42:50 1 tip for bloggers, advisers and those looking to build a strong personal brand
  • 43:40 final question: what would Andrew tell a young Andrew about finance?

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