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On this episode:

Magellan Financial Group Ltd (ASX: MFG) Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer Hamish Douglass joins Owen on The Australian Investors Podcast to share his story, investing globally, disruptive technology and how his life has changed.

In addition to growing Magellan into a multi-billion dollar business, Hamish has held positions on the Foreign Investment Review Board, the Financial Literacy Board, the Takeovers Panel and on the board of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

In this conversation, Owen and Hamish get into the weeds of what Hamish and his team look for in global opportunities, how they value businesses and what the future holds for investors and society more broadly.

While all of that makes for a very entertaining conversation, we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy hearing about Hamish’s journey before Magellan, why he moved into funds management and some of the early learnings.

Please enjoy this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast.


  • 0:00 – Why did Hamish want to be an investor?
  • 9:50 – What the GFC taught Hamish about business and investing
  • 12:30 – How Hamish finds 25 of the world’s best businesses and how he builds his… football team
  • 18:30 – How Magellan values businesses using a DCF valuation for 10+ years
  • 25:00 – Why and when Magellan would sell a stock
  • 28:30 – How Magellan provides superior risk management for investors
  • 31:15 – Can the Magellan Global Fund invest successfully if it grows so quickly?
  • 35:15 – The disruptive trends Hamish Douglass is most excited about
  • 46:00 – Why the USA and China trade tensions won’t be solved
  • 50:00 – How Hamish Douglass’ life has changed since he co-founded Magellan
  • 53:20 – Hamish Douglass’ #1 money and investing secret – what he would tell a younger him today

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