Ep. 22. Investing Apps & Finance Tools

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About this episode:

What Australian investing appsfinance toolsbrokerage accounts and bank accounts do Kate and Owen from The Australian Finance Podcast use every day and month?Kate and Owen discuss:

  • Australian share brokerage accounts
  • Investing apps
  • The best investing books
  • The best finance books
  • Australia bank accounts
  • Apple Pay, PayPal, Strawman, Stocklight & more!

Probably the most requested topic on the Australian Finance Podcast series is: “What investing apps and finance accounts do you guys use?”Well, here it is!

Kate’s Financial Toolkit

Budgeting & Financial Goal Setting/Tracking 

  • Frollo (tracking spending)
  • Google Sheets (working out budget)
  • Up Money (setting specific savings goals)

Investing & Portfolio Management 

  • CommSec (brokerage account)
  • ShareSight (reporting)
  • InvestSMART Portfolio Manager
  • Research (follow good fund managers – sign up to their newsletters and learn about their investment cases, learning to sift through the noise and scammers, beware the intentions of forum participants)



  • Money Magazine – Australian financial news and money-related content
  • Miss Money Box — a strong focus on financial education
  • Fearless Female Traders — female-focused personal finance community
  • Livewire – free investment insights from leading financial professionals
  • AFR – digital and hard copy magazine covering Australian financial news (paywall)


Owen’s Financial Toolkit


  • CommSec
  • ING & ME Bank
  • NAB (for business)
  • Google Sheets & Drive
  • Stocklight App
  • PayPal
  • Twitter (news)
  • Apple Pay

Books & Podcasts

  • Richest Man in Babylon – centuries old good n stuff like that
  • Happy Money – attitudes to money
  • Zen In The Martial Arts – life advice
  • How To Money Podcast


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