Ep. 6. Sorting Out Superannuation

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About this episode:

What the heck is Super and who cares? You will. This episode of The Australian Finance Podcast is short and sweet. We’ll tell you why you need to give a damn, the simplest ways to change Super funds, how to check your insurance, ways to add extra and how most people could retire with a few hundred grand extra. If you follow the ideas in this episode, we think it could be the most important 25 minutes of your financial life.

Rask Tip: Paying 1% more in Super fees could mean 20% less at retirement (e.g. in 30 years). It should take a few hours — at most! — to choose a Super investment strategy/options and keep costs low.


Owen Explains Investment Options

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Super Fees Explained

Learn more: Rask Finance: Free Superannuation 101 Online Course

Comparison Sites

If you only take one thing out of this, it’s that your super is your money!

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