Ep. 38. The 3 BIG expenses: schooling, cars & mortgages

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About this episode:

Carsmortgages and education, these are the three biggest expenses for most Australian households. In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen tackle the three BIG expenses and how you can nail them once and for all! Topics include:

  • Pre- and primary school education – is it worth it?
  • School: Public or Private?
  • Buying, selling and using a loan for: Cars
  • Mortgages &… don’t be lazy


15:00 – $276,000 in the bank (per child) or attend a private school?

19:00 – Keeping your Car costs WAYYYY down — & how you can make money from a car (Tony added $300k over 15 years)

25:00 – Mortgages & how you might save $500 per month!


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