Matt Joass

Episode 33: Matt Joass

On this episode:

Matt Joass, CFA is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Maven Funds Management, an Australian funds management business specialising in investing in fast-growing small and medium-sized companies.

Matt grew up in New Zealand and quickly learned the importance of compounding his time, effort and capital. Matt also understood the power of business to bring positive change for communities and societies, thanks in part to the work of his parents.
Matt graduated with an honours in International Business before relocating to Europe to work for a shipping company, which is where he also started an investment club and finished the CFA Program (in straight sets).

After returning to Australia and working on The Motley Fool Pro service, Matt decided to launch his own fund with a particular focus on ‘catching monsters’. That is, focusing his attention and energy almost exclusively on unearthing and analyising companies capable of generating massive surplus for all stakeholders.
As you’ll learn from this discussion, Matt is a vicious compounder of knowledge from many different domains. Our conversation is wide-ranging.

I trust you’ll enjoy this conversation with Matt Joass of Maven Funds Management.

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Show Notes

Show Notes The Australian Investors Podcast


Talking points (audio version):

  • 0:55 – Matt’s journey towards a life in investing
  • 24:36 – About Maven Funds Management
  • 26:34 – Catching Monsters
  • 31:00 – Deep research: management 
  • 43:18 – Ownership mindset
  • 47:00 – Clients
  • 49:00 – Inflection points
  • 59:00 – Learning & compounded knowledge
  • 1:07:17 – Selling blindspots
  • 1:11:43- Automation & AI


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