Per Amundsen, ThinkTank Commercial Property Finance

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On the episode:

In this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast Owen talks with Per Amundsen of ThinkTank Commercial Property Finance. ThinkTank provides investors exposure to commercial property debt, by extending credit to borrowers such as business owners, SMSFs and development companies. 

This is a unique episode in the series thus far because it’s a new asset class for the series. Also, the company Per helped build is one of just a few in Australia which serves both sides of the commercial debt ledger. 

In this episode Owen and Per discuss: 

  • Per’s journey from Canada to Australian banking 
  • How and why commercial property debt is receiving a lot of investor interest
  • How funds like ThinkTank provide exposure to investors at different parts of the capital stack
  • The risks involved in commercial debt investing
  • COVID-19’s impact on commercial and residential property, as well as retail-specific sectors; and
  • The opportunity in industrial property

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