Interview: Luke Trickett, Blue Stamp Company

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*This episode was recorded remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, we apologise for any inconsistencies in audio quality.

On this episode:

Luke Trickett is the founder and investor behind Blue Stamp Company, one of Australia’s best-kept secret or ‘low profile’ investment funds. Luke Trickett spoke to me (Owen) about principles for life, investment process, time horizons and the future of capitalism.

In this episode, I spoke to Luke about his time as an elite swimmer, taking elite principles for life into swimming and transitioning from athlete to private to professional investor.

We talk about Luke’s guiding principles for business (patience, performance and alignment) and investing prcoess: responsibility, awareness, simplicity and enjoyment.

He tells me that his website, which is the place where I conducted much of my due diligence prior to the episode, is outdated. However, the principles, such as benchmarking yourself and the positive mindset, are timeless.

Make sure you bookmark the letters on his website. And download my episode workbook (free account needed) to access my notes.


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