Owning GOLD, TECH vs. FANG – ft. Kanish Chugh from ETF Securities

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*This episode was recorded remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, we apologise for any inconsistencies in audio quality.

On this episode:

Kanish Chugh, head of distribution at ETF Securities sat down with Owen Raszkiewicz on The Australian Investors Podcast to talk about owning gold, and using ETFs like GOLD, TECH & FANG.


@3:15: The FANG+ ETF – an innovation-focused ETF that launched with almost perfect timing in 2020. Kanish explains why it’s so concentrated (10 stocks) and the types of expression or thematic FANG is trying to capture.

@13:30: The case for gold & ETF Securities’ GOLD ETF – Australia’s largest gold ETF. Owen is a gold skeptic, so he plays the devil’s advocate. Kanish takes a few moments to try and debunk some of the common concerns which investors and traders have with owning gold in a portfolio. Kanish makes a good case, in particular explaining why GOLD has experienced more than $800 million in FUM inflows in a year, and why gold in general has received a lot of attention since 2019.

@29:30: The TECH ETF – an ETF invested in global technology leaders, as defined by Morningstar’s investing research team, which assigns moat/competitive advantage ratings to companies and valuations. Kanish walks us through how and why Morningstar assigns moats, how they’re measured and how the portfolio comes together with valuation. Owen also shares his input and how his team assess competitive advantage.


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