Ep 95. Inside the ACDC ETF: A deep dive with Kanish Chugh

About this episode:

What’s up with the ACDC ETF? In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Owen talks to Kanish Chugh from ETF Securities about their battery technologies ETF, aptly named ACDC. ETF Securities is the sponsor of this podcast series.

Owen & Kanish talk about these points during the session:

An overview of the battery technology & industry – the history of energy storage (where did batteries start, did the industry innovate quickly or slowly, etc).

  • How big is the market today?
  • What goes into making batteries?
  • What’s the difference between lithium, nickel & cobalt?
  • Where and who produce the most lithium?
  • Who are the biggest users of battery technologies today?
  • What will be the biggest users of battery technology going forward? (cars, houses, buses, buildings, etc.)

An overview of ACDC and the ETF holdings 

  • The process/methodology for selecting shares/companies to include
  • Portfolio positioning & weights (maybe rebalancing too)
  • Performance since inception & characteristics to consider (e.g. is it tactical/satellite or Core?)
  • Risks of investing in ACDC (please speak to your financial adviser and always read the Product Disclosure Statement before investing)
  • How to invest

See what’s inside the ACDC ETF


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