A starter guide to ethical investing in ASX shares

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Ethical and responsible investing is here to stay. In this playback episode, Rask’s Kate Campbell and Owen Rask lay the foundations for future Australian Investors Podcast episodes covering ethical investing.

This episode originally featured in The Australian Finance Podcast series in April 2021.

Co-hosts Kate Campbell and Owen Rask dive into everything ethical investing to celebrate the launch of our  new investing course on Rask Education.

The pair discuss figuring out your own values, different ethical investing strategiespositive and negative screens to cover, and 5 tips for ESG share investors.

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At the time of publishing, Owen owns shares of Pushpay (PPH), Salesforce (CRM), and units in the A200 ETF. Kate owns shares of Salesforce (CRM). Owen, Kate and The Rask Group Pty Ltd do NOT receive anything for mentioning Super funds, products, shares, bank accounts, etc.

Monique Pizzica

Monique Pizzica

Monique is Rask's amazing Podcast Producer and the best videographer you've never met.

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