Ep 68. Mental Health & Wellbeing During Uncertain Times with Anna Glynn

About this episode: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen talk with Anna Glynn, a positive psychology teacher and expert on wellbeing. Before starting her own practice, Anna worked in financial services for a decade. Anna talks us through essential tips for combating the tricks our mind can play on us, especially during times of uncertainty. Things we talk about: Think more positive at home or while we’re at work Highlights the importance of connections with others around — even if you’re living with them 24/7 How to supercharge your happiness by dialling down negative stimulus and focusing on the good Why video calls with friends are an easy way to boost your happiness The importance of having and feeling like you have purpose in your day The ‘three good things’ intervention and tricking your mind to be happier more often Why it’s important to smile … Read more

Ep 67. Budgets Don’t Work with Melissa Browne

About this episode: How does thinking and talking about money make you feel? Is it something you avoid, run screaming from or happily chat about? Mel Browne helps people unlearn and relearn, to swap behaviour, to be aware of their money triggers and their money identity and discover how to apply personal leadership to their finances. It’s time to understand that money isn’t good or evil but is simply a tool we can use to help us design the life we love. Show notes & resources: Mel Browne (@moremoneyforshoes) • Instagram Get the book: Booktopia: Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does) Mel’s Uncensored Money Podcast Owen’s long-form interview with Mel Browne

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