Ep 56. Property prices to fall 30%? Maybe… but maybe not

Your friend: “OMG, did you hear that “they” said Australian property prices are going to fall by 30%?”You: “Who’s ‘they’ and what data did they use?”Your friend: “No idea. But seriously how bad’s that!”With bold predictions about the direction of Australian house prices getting tossed around left right and centre, falling rental prices, COVID-19 and first home buyers licking their lips, Owen took the opportunity to talk about house prices, the basics of economics for property, the latest data and forecasts, why forecasts are almost always specifically wrong and how to think about buying property in 2020.  iTunes | Spotify | Castbox | YouTube  Notes & Resources Property news and forecasts Migration Rask money course Amy Lunardi podcast Pete Wargent Investors Podcast 1 Pete Wargent Investors Podcast 2 (2020 version) Owen & Sophie’s chart (below)

Ep. 52. Coronavirus Checklist: 5 Money Moves to Make in April 2020

April has been a funny month and it certainly feels like we’re all just treading water. Something that has helped us feel slightly more in control at the moment, is making small changes in our lives that will be beneficial to us down the track. In this episode, Kate and Owen each break down five financially focused tasks you could complete during April. From preparing for tax time to sorting out your super, ticking off just one of these tasks will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something to improve your financial future. iTunes | Spotify | Castbox | YouTube  Notes & Resources: Resources:  Kate’s blog – How To Money Australia – check it out Early access to Super episode