Barbell portfolio construction & an ASX mining stock – Ft. Datt Capital

iTunes – Spotify – Castbox – YouTube  On this episode: In this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast I’m joined again by Emanuel Datt, of Datt Capital. In this episode we talk about portfolio construction, the benefits of unlisted debt, assessing management teams and a mining development company called Adriatic Metals. I hope you enjoy this discussion with Emanuel from Datt Capital. Resources: Datt website  Datt twitter  Datt write-ups on Adriatic: Adriatic metals a mineral growth story Adriatic metals an addendum Adriatic metals the next steps Previous episodes with Emanuel: 1 Small Cap Stock, with Datt Capital Stock Pitch: Emanuel Datt | Datt Capital Emanuel Datt – Family

Pete Wargent on The Australian Investors Podcast

Property: the data & insights with Pete Wargent

iTunes – Spotify – Castbox – YouTube  On this episode: With everything that’s gone on in markets in 2020, we figured it would be a good change of tact to spend a week focused on property markets, including what we know so far and what comes next. Economist, investor and author Pete Wargent joins Owen for this episode to talk about the implications for renters, landlords, owners and investors. This is a unique episode because Pete shares some of his data and analysis with us via video. You don’t need to watch the video version of this podcasts but if you want to see what Pete and Owen are talking about and the charts he is using, you’ll find the YouTube video below. All shows are also available at the bottom of the page, including links to Pete and Stephen’s new book. We hope you enjoy this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast. Resources: Pete: Pete’s website Daily blog … Read more

Stock Pitch: Matt Joass | Maven Funds Management

On this episode: In this Stock Pitch episode of The Australian Investors Podcast I chat with Matt Joass, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Maven Funds Management. Matt provides his take on the COVID-19 recovery and why it could come quicker than many investors expect here in Australia. Matt also provides an overview of Pushpay (ASX:PPH) and a2 Milk Company Ltd (ASX: A2M). Learn more about Matt:  Maven Funds website How to catch a monster  Pushpay: The art of the deal

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