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In 2019, I looked down at my Twitter and podcast feed to realise...

...my life was consumed by investing. Last year, I subscribed to 10 podcasts (including two of my own!) and followed ~150 Twitter users. All of them were focused on finance and investing.

This needed to change because consuming information in a single vertical is an incredibly poor way to develop our understanding of the world and make money. Search for Charlie Munger's Latticework of Mental Models.

In 2020 and beyond, I will cover a field, topic or idea that may seem unrelated to making money or investing. I will explore the most important concepts from fields like psychology, marketing, philosophy, physics, health, engineering, technology and the blockchain.

I will weave the important concepts from these fields together, share my best resources (books, podcasts, journals, etc.) and, I hope, help you to develop your own framework for understanding the world.

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