Ep. 73. The Role of a Financial Counsellor

Owen Raszkiewicz and Kate Campbell interview Financial Counsellor Nick Georgiou about everything Australian Financial Counsellors can do to help you, your friends or family.

About this episode:

Getting financial help in Australia is not the easiest task and for most people, talking openly to someone else about your finances is understandably a daunting process.

Thankfully in Australia we have a fantastic solution to this, in our hard-working financial counsellors. They’re the people who can listen to your financial issues, propose solutions and even advocate on your behalf to banks and debt collectors.

The role of a financial counsellor isn’t always very well understood, so in this episode, Owen & Kate interview financial counsellor, Nick Georgiou, to break down exactly what they do, how they can help you and where you can go to get in contact with them.

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