Inside the Vanguard VDHG ETF (ASX:VDHG)

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The Vanguard Diversified High Growth ETF (ASX: VDHG) is one of Australia’s most popular ETFs. In this playback episode, Rask’s Kate Campbell and Owen Rask take a deeper look at VDHG.

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This is a playback episode. It originally featured on Rask’s other podcast series, The Australian Finance Podcast.

Co-hosts Kate and Owen provide a review of the Vanguard Diversified High Growth ETF (ASX:VDHG).

Kate and Owen cover how VDHG workshow investors might use VDHG in their portfolio and their thoughts on using it long-term.

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Show Notes Disclaimer: Please note, this episode is not a recommendation from Kate, Owen or the Rask Team. Rask Australia recommends the VDHG ETF within our membership services, however, this could change at any time. Owen has a position in VDHG as of the date of recording.

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Date recorded: 24th November 2021

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