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Financial Services Guide

Date: March 5, 2024

The Rask Group Pty Ltd (ACN: 622 810 995) (“we”, “our” or “us”) is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1280930 of Wattle Partners Pty Ltd (ABN: 89 145 903 840) (AFSL: 383 169). 

The Rask Group Pty Ltd owns and operates the following websites (“websites” or “Service”):

  •, including its subsites, such as

Within the websites, we offer members-only pages and content. 

Wattle Partners Pty Ltd (“Wattle”) has authorised the distribution of this Financial Services Guide (“FSG”). 

The purpose of this FSG is to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the services offered in this FSG. This FSG contains information about the remuneration that may be paid to The Rask Group Pty Ltd and Wattle and information about how complaints about The Rask Group Pty Ltd may be dealt with. 

This Financial Services Guide (“FSG”) also includes the following information:

  • Who we are
  • How you can contact us
  • How we use your personal data
  • How we get paid 
  • The details of our dispute resolution process
  • The Australian Financial Services Licensee (“AFSL”) and authorised representative details

The information included in our FSG is general information about the services we provide, If you have questions about this FSG or our services, please contact us using the following information:

  • The Rask Group Pty Ltd
  • Level 4, 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online: 

Who are we?

The Rask Group Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned financial services and education business which publishes financial education and general financial advice via newsletters, email, audio, video, radio, television, reports, seminars, a public website and members-only websites. Our goal is to empower Australians to take control of their finances via our free educational resources and paid general financial advice Subscription Services. 

First things first: this video explains the difference between general financial advice (what we offer) and personal financial advice (what we do not offer):

Okay, so… what do we, at Rask, offer to our customers?

Our Subscription Services include:

  • Rask Core

Rask Core is a recurring newsletter and member-only website, priced at $100 upfront (less than discounts or promotions), payable at the Commencement Date of the Subscription Service, then $49 per month. Previously, some members were able to join us as part of a ‘Lifetime Access’ membership for up to $99. This has since been discontinued. To see how we define ‘Lifetime Access’ please refer to the definitions section of our Terms Of Service.

With promotions, the regular price may change from time-to-time. We always reserve the right to cancel the service at any time.

Inside Rask Core we provide general financial advice on various financial topics, including: 

  • ASX-listed Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Bank accounts and term deposits
  • ASX & international shares
  • Managed funds
  • Property, and
  • Financial markets and the economy

We also general financial advice/information and education on Superannuation, brokerage accounts, and budgeting; as well as factual information on insurance.

Rask Core members can access courses on Rask Education. At the date of this FSG, this includes access to all courses, excluding the Value Investor Program with Equity Mates and Queenie Tan’s Beginner Investing Course.

Other Services we provide:

  • Free reports, video promotions, podcasts and newsletters

We often publish free written, audio or video reports on finance, property, budgeting and investing. This includes a free finance newsletter, which we use to grow awareness for our paid services. 

  • Rask Media

Rask Media, the website found at URL:, is our news and publishing website. Rask Media provides stock market commentary, as well as financial news and analysis produced by our writers, third-party contractors and experts (e.g. fund managers, brokers, etc.). We also use this website to host our podcasts, videos and to market our Subscription Services, free newsletters and educational services.

  • Best ETFs

Best ETFs Australia or Best ETFs, the website found at URL:, is our news and publishing website for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), mFunds, unlisted managed funds, Superannuation and the funds management industry. Best ETFs provides free stock market commentary, factual information and general financial advice contained in “free ETF reports” or “analyst reviews”, as well as financial news and analysis produced by our writers, third-party contractors and industry experts (e.g. fund managers, journalists, etc.). We also use this website to host our podcasts, videos and to market our Subscription Services, free newsletters and educational services.

Special note on our fund reviews: Any of our ‘analyst ratings’ or reviews on Best ETFs should not be considered as a forecast, guarantee of performance or estimate of a fund or ETF’s returns or risk. Investing in ETFs and funds is risky, and the performance is outside the control of our analyst team.

  • Rask Education

Rask Education, the website found at URL:, is our education website. Rask Education provides free and paid courses, which are made available to everyone in the hope that we can educate and empower more Australians. We also use this website to host our courses, podcasts, videos and to market our Subscription Services, free newsletters and educational services. The price of our paid courses varies depending on the course taken:

  • Value Investor Program (Online), with Equity Mates has a regular price of $499, paid upfront. 
  • Select other beginner-level courses (e.g. Queenie Tan’s Beginner Investing Course) has a regular price of $99, paid upfront.
  • All other Rask courses are free to Rask Core members and the public.

Our paid courses allow members to maintain access to the material for nine months from the Commencement Date. Any payment is not recurring. 

An extra note for disclosure: we collaborate with industry experts to provide courses to you. We own, produce, edit and approve this content. It’s important to understand that we are not responsible for any conduct of our joint venture partners outside of what you see on the Rask websites (they operate under their own businesses).

  • Rask LIVE, Social Media & YouTube

Rask is a partner and user of third-party platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes we will collaborate with carefully selected partners (e.g. Selfwealth, Australian Shareholders Association, etc.) for the promotion or distribution of educational material. You will receive our general financial advice warning wherever we are a partner or collaborators in producing this educational material.

For any commercial arrangements, Rask is paid a fixed licensing fee, set in advance, to produce this educational material.

  • Events

Rask occasionally runs events across Australia (and we’re proud of them!). The ticket prices of these events vary, though we try to make them affordable (e.g. under $50 for one ticket). To run these events, we often engage with ‘sponsors’, who pay a fixed fee, set in advance, to be part of these events. This might entitle them to speaking slots, a booth, email address or brand exposure across the Rask platform. Rask is very protective of our community and so we only ever engage reputable brand partners.

Rask Invest | Professionally Managed Accounts

To help our community invest for the long run, it is possible to invest with us via Rask Invest.

We receive investment management fees when we invest for you, by acting as the Investment Manager for Rask Invest. Rask Invest is issued by InvestSMART Funds Management Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of InvestSMART Group Ltd (ASX: INV) (InvestSMART). InvestSMART is the Responsible Entity for Rask Invest and has appointed Rask Invest as the investment manager providing research, content and investment management services through a secure web portal found at

By investing with us online, you will be charged a low but flat 0.55% per year fee on all balances, to cover the costs of the investment management. These fees cover the cost of our analyst research, rebalancing, tax reporting, quarterly updates, asset allocation, plus any other services like meet-ups or events; as well as to ensure the highest standards of security and transparency. Please note: all investments held inside Rask Invest are legally and beneficially owned by you, under your own HIN, and other fees may apply. 

The 0.55% per year fee is based on your total account balance, including any cash and assets (e.g. ETFs). The fee is calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears from the cash holding in your account. 

Please note: any exchange traded funds (ETFs) found inside Rask Invest have their own fee, commonly known as the ‘underlying fee’. These fees are not collected by Rask or InvestSMART, but are automatically reflected in the share prices of the ETFs we invest in on your behalf.  

Please refer to the Rask Invest Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD), which are available at, for more information on other fees or charges that apply to Rask Invest. 

The management fees charged by  Rask Invest are shown below. 

Account balanceInvestment management fees per year
Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) for more information.

The Services We Are Authorised To Provide

The Rask Group Pty Ltd (ACN: 622 810 995) is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1280930 of Wattle Partners Pty Ltd (ABN: 89 145 903 840) (AFSL: 383 169) and we are authorised to provide general financial product advice only to retail and wholesale clients in relation to, as well as deal in, the following classes of financial products:

  1. Basic deposit products
  2. Superannuation
  3. Shares & ETFs (i.e. “securities”);
  4. Managed funds

In providing these services, The Rask Group Pty Ltd and Wattle act on their own behalf and neither The Rask Group Pty Ltd or Wattle are providing these services as your agent or broker.

General Advice Only – Investment Warning

We provide general financial advice only. That means, the advice does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should consider if the advice is appropriate to you and your needs, before acting on the information. In addition, you should obtain and read the product disclosure statement (PDS) before making a decision to acquire a financial product.

If you don’t know what your needs are, you should consult a trusted and licensed financial adviser who can provide you with personal financial product advice. 

Questions received by us – a warning

We love to engage and hear from our community, to help everyone learn about finance. That includes taking questions, feedback or requests from our audience.

If we answer your questions, it’s vitally important that you understand we do not your financial situation and we are not licensed to provide personalised responses, advice, or instructions. It’s really important you seek the advice of a licensed and trusted financial planner before acting on any of the information produced by the Rask network and our partners.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We are committed to ensuring your privacy. We have a Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at, or by emailing us (see our contact information below). 

To provide our services, we may collect your name, address, date of birth and email address. We may also keep your telephone number, address or payment details if you provide them to us. If you click on any links to a third party website from, or affiliated websites, including when paying for a Subscription Service via PayPal or Stripe, you should be aware that these other sites may have their own privacy and data processing practices.

We may also keep a copy of any correspondence between you and us. This may include your emails, telephone calls and letters. Should you wish to change or remove your information from our database, please write to us.

We do our utmost to keep your information secure and will never disclose any of your personally identifiable information to third parties without express permission. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in maintaining our services, including our website. We will not sell or lend your personal information to any third party. 

At times, we may contact you with promotional offers and marketing via email, or we may contact you via phone to help with account related enquiries or to ask for feedback. 

How We Are Paid

Subscriptions: We make money by charging a subscription fee to access our member-only services. For example, to access Rask Core from October 27th 2023 the usual cost is $100 upfront, then $49 per month, minus any discounts or promotions. 

Advertising: We receive advertising revenue and occasionally post sponsored content on our sites, videos or podcasts.

Expert contributions: Third-party finance experts are invited to contribute their content to or Best ETFs. The Rask Group may receive compensation for such material, and if we do we will disclose this as a sponsored post

Educational licensing: Rask frequently produces educational material for third parties who want to increase their proposition to their community. Any paid sponsorship, content or events we take part in are negotiated on an arm’s length basis with all value or price of that educational license set in advance. We prefer long-term contracts with all partners to increase reliability and transparency with our audience.

Financial planning: Our community may apply to connect with financial planners via our websites, podcasts or other channels (e.g. Rask Media). At this time, we are not paid to provide this introduction. However, that may change. If we ever received a fee for any type of financial planning referral, the fees would be clearly disclosed to you, by the financial planning business, in any advice you receive. We are fierce when it comes to protecting our community’s interests, so we put steps in place to collaborate with reputable advice providers. However, The Rask Group Pty Ltd cannot guarantee the performance of the advice you receive from any financial planner, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any advice you receive.

As an authorised representative, Rask Group Pty Ltd pays Wattle a fixed monthly fee. Wattle does not receive commissions from third-party providers of products recommended by us.

Mortgage broking: at the time of this FSG, Rask has received fees for ‘Mere Referrals’ to our chosen mortgage broking firm, Blusk. We expect to receive a fee for clients who are referred by Rask to Blusk. All of these fees will be clearly disclosed to you in any advice documents and Blusk has a responsibility to inform you of this fee and partnership when you contact them. All information we pass to Blusk, on your behalf, is received by Blusk immediately. Rask is not always privileged to know the outcome of your finance application, nor would we use this information to offer you other services. Rask is not licensed to give credit advice (e.g. advice on mortgages or loans) in Australia. However, we strongly believe we have an opportunity to help people secure a home, or invest in property.

How Can You Deal With Us?

You can subscribe for our premium content, such as our Subscription Services, on our websites. If you cannot access our websites, you can contact us via email (see “How To Contact Us” below). We offer a money-back guarantee period of 7 days from the day the Subscription Service begins. 

How Do We Pay Our Staff?

The Rask Group Pty Ltd and its directors and staff receive fixed salaries and, in some circumstances, may be entitled to receive performance-based bonuses. In addition, shareholders are entitled to dividends. 

Do You Have Any Relationships Or Associations That Might Influence The Advice?

The Rask Group Pty Ltd, its directors and staff, may deal in or have a financial interest in the securities and other financial products referred to in our publications, our free services or when we give other general financial advice. 

All employees must disclose their financial interest or position in any product mentioned as part of our services. You should carefully consider the disclosures we make in our publications. These financial interests should not be considered as a recommendation. 

The Rask Group Pty Ltd is owned and controlled by the Raszkiewicz family, directors and Australian shareholders. We are not owned by a bank or product provider. 

Wattle does not have relationships with the providers of products recommended by The Rask Group Pty Ltd that would impact the advice we provide. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Wattle has professional indemnity insurance in place that satisfies the requirements for compensation arrangements under section 912B of the Corporations Act. 

These insurance policies cover the services provided by us and our representatives after they cease working with us. The compensation arrangements that Wattle has satisfy the requirements for compensation arrangements under section 912B of the Corporations Act 2001.

What Should I Do If I Have A Dispute Or Complaint?

You can make a complaint about our services by email using: [email protected].
We have established procedures to ensure that all complaints are handled in a timely manner. We aim to acknowledge all complaints immediately.

Additionally, you may contact Wattle. If the complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction within 45 days you have the right to refer the matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (ACFA) which is an external complaints service, of which our licensee is a member (member number 24482).

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1300 780 808
Email: [email protected]

How Can I Contact You?

Our contact details are as follows:

  • The Rask Group Pty Ltd
  • ACN: 622 810 995; authorised representative number: 1280930
  • Level 4, 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
  • Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online:

Our authorising AFS licensee: 

  • Wattle Pty Ltd AFS licence no. 383 169 
  • Address: Level 4, 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
  • Email: [email protected]