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Rask Invest is distributed by The Rask Group Pty Ltd (ACN 622 810 995, AFSL 383 169) and administered by OpenInvest Limited (ACN 614 587 183) via the OpenInvest Portfolio Service (ARSN 628 156 052). This website provides factual information about the service, and any general advice contained does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making any investment decision, please review the PDS and Target Market Determination available at Should you require assistance in determining whether an investment in the service is right for you, you may wish to seek personal advice from an appropriately licensed financial adviser.


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You invest $50,000, then $5,000. Following our Jupiter strategy.

Rask Invest

0.75% in fees, based on the amount you invest*.

$ 50,000 + $5,000 added INVESTED WITH US
  • Expert investing done for you
  • Analyst ETF research
  • Bonus ASX and global stock research
  • Automated rebalancing
  • Dollar-cost average (DCA)
  • Quarterly events included
  • Full tax reporting for EOFY
  • Dollar-cost average
  • Full transparency on holdings

Rask Core

$49 per month, plus a once-off $100 joining fee.

$ 50,000 + $5,000 added TO A PORTFOLIO YOU MANAGE
  • You invest it yourself
  • Analyst ETF research
  • Bonus ASX and global stock research
  • Automated rebalancing
  • Dollar-cost average (DCA)
  • Quarterly events included
  • Full tax reporting for EOFY
  • Dollar-cost average
  • Full transparency on holdings

Pick from 3 strategies

Automatically invested for you

Jupiter 90/10

Management fees: 0.75% p.a.

Targeting 7.5%+ per year over rolling 10-year periods, we’re going for growth.

Jupiter takes higher risk for long-term growth. 90% is invested in growth investments, 10% defensive. 

Martian 70/30

Management fees: 0.75% p.a.

Targeting 6%+ per year over rolling 10-year periods, you can expect a combination of income + growth. 

Martian is our growth + income strategy, investing 70% in growth assets, 10% defensive.

Terra 50/50

Management fees: 0.75% p.a.

Targeting 4.5%+ over rolling 7-year periods, we aim to protect your wealth from shocks and inflation.

It’s balanced, so 50% is carefully invested in growth investments, 50% defensive.

The team behind it.

Professional investors

Owen Rask

Chief Investment Officer

Owen Rask is a highly experienced Australian investor and founder of The Rask Group. As CIO, Owen oversees all research and capital allocation across Rask. He reports directly to you, and our investment committee.

Kevin Fung

Senior Analyst

Kevin Fung is an experienced equities analyst, having previously worked in private wealth for one of Australia’s wealthiest families, and separately for a small cap fund manager. Kevin powers Rask’s global shares research.

Matt Story, CA

Senior Analyst

Matt Story is an experienced multi-asset analyst, chartered accountant, ASX investor and fund researcher. In addition to maintaining the Core portfolios, Matt heads up Rask’s small-cap research. 

Karen Eley

Committee member

Karen Eley is a certified Money Coach with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, and as a Financial Adviser. Before going out on her own, Karen worked her way up to being a partner at a top financial planning firm in Adelaide – a position she held for over a decade.

Kate Campbell

Committee member

Kate Campbell is an author, podcast host and educator at The Rask Group. Kate oversees compliance, runs The Australian Finance Podcast, a financial education channel with up to 90,000 unique monthly listeners, and Rask Education. Kate is the author of Buying Happiness.

Pete Wargent

Macroeconomics consultant

Pete Wargent is a leading Australian property consultant, entrepreneur and six-time finance author. He is our macroeconomic consultant, presenting in-depth insights on local and global economic modelling. Pete is a chartered accountant by background,

security matters

How is my money secured?


Professionally maintains your wealth.

Rask will never have your money in our bank account. We are regulated by ASIC, operate under an AFSL, and are bound to manage your portfolio in accordance with our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). We are accountable to you and the OpenInvest board of directors.


Develops industry-leading technology.

OpenInvest is the responsible entity, an AFSL holder, and the purpose-built tech platform we chose to use for securely investing your money. It was founded with a belief that all of us should have access to the top investment management.

Link Group

Global leader in investor management.

Link Fund Solutions is owned by the Australian blue-chip company, Link Group (ASX: LNK), a powerhouse in investment. Link is the custodian of your assets. For years, they have connected millions of global investors to their investments. 

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Grab a cuppa, the sign-up process takes about 3-5 minutes. Have your driver’s licence or an ID document handy, plus your tax file number (TFN).


Yes! We love DCA-ing into diversified, low-cost and long-term focused portfolios.

Adding extra money is fast, easy and secure. As laid out in the Rask Invest PDS, you can:

  1. Set up automated direct deposits into your account, or
  2. Add money via Bpay

From there, any additional money you deposit is automatically invested back into your portfolio for long-term wealth creation. 

Meaning: once you set up the recurring deposit, it can all be automated. 

Yes! But it depends on what you want us to do. As per the Rask Invest PDS:

Interest, dividends and distributions from your investments will be credited directly to your account and automatically reinvested into your portfolio, in line with portfolio weightings.

Alternatively, you can elect to have any part of this paid out to your Nominated Bank Account through the withdrawal functionality.

Yes! As per the PDS, you can invest with us in an individual name, as a joint account with a partner, via SMSF, trust or company

You have full visibility over your portfolio holdings 24/7 through your secure Investor Portal, or inside the Rask Invest app.

Our portfolios are diversified using (mostly) low-cost ETFs from the most reputable providers like Vanguard and BlackRock, but we can also include best-of-breed ‘active’ managed funds, direct shares, or LICs. 

Please refer to our Owners Manual for more detailed information on how and where we invest.

Rask Invest is underpinned by industry-leading technology and legal providers. 

For a thorough overview of the structure, please refer to the PDS. 

In short, Link Fund Solutions, a division of the ASX-listed Link Group (ASX: LNK), is the custodian of all assets held inside Rask Invest. It holds legal title on the assets, but you always remain the beneficial owner and can withdraw your money (or transfer ASX-listed investments to a HIN).

OpenInvest is the Administrater and Responsible Entity. It also provides the technology underpinning the platform, and is audited by an external auditor.

Finally, Rask Invest professionally manages your wealth by following a strict investment process, to deliver services that are laid out in the Rask Invest Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Please refer to the Rask Invest Owners Manual for more information on how to invest.

No. Rask Invest is designed to be ‘self-service’, following strict general financial advice laws. This allows us keep fees low and help more Australians. 

That said, we’ve carefully designed three Core portfolios, and have a very detailed Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), making it easy for you to decide on the strategy that’s right for you. 

You can find a financial adviser using the Government’s website. 

For Rask Invest, the fixed percentage fee of 0.75% is deducted automatically from your investment balance. Other costs, including fees for the ETFs or funds we invest in, may be applicable from time-to-time, so please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a full list of fees. 

For Rask Core, we charge a monthly subscription fee via Stripe, with a once-off joining fee. This may discounted from time-to-time. Please refer to our Financial Services Guide (FSG) for more information.

As laid out in the Rask Invest PDS:

You can make withdrawals from your Account through the Investor Portal (there is generally a minimum withdrawal amount for partial withdrawals).

Partial withdrawals will be made in cash to your Nominated Bank Account. Unless specifically directed by you otherwise, withdrawals will be effected proportionately across all investment options held in your portfolio.

If you are closing your Account, you can elect to have your holdings sold, with cash proceeds transferred to your Nominated Bank Account, or alternatively, CHESS-eligible listed securities in your portfolio can be transferred to your nominated broker (although please note a fee applies for such in-specie transfers).

Your money will generally be available in your Nominated Bank Account within 5-10 Business Days of you issuing a withdrawal instruction to us.

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