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Use the tabs below to view Rask’s performance track record. But, before you get too impressed, please take note of our performance methodology further down the page.

If you decide to join us today, you’re paying our analyst team for our superior investment process — not our past results. 

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  • Total return = share price return + dividends (in AUD) of a Rask share idea, measured from the date of recommendation in AUD. Sold positions are reported as closed at the last traded share price.
  • Market return: this shows the return of the relevant benchmark since the share idea was released. For example, if we recommend a US stock idea, that stock idea’s performance will be benchmarked against a global stock market benchmark (i.e. the Vanguard International Shares Fund ETF). If we recommend an ASX share idea it will be benchmarked against an ASX shares benchmark (e.g. S&P/ASX 200 Total Return). 
  • Excess return: Measures the total return performance of Rask Invest’s share idea against the benchmark/market return.
  • Rask’s memberships are investment research service, not managed funds. Rask’s purpose is to provide our members with stock and ETF investment research and regular investment ideas. We do not manage money for our members, so our performance calculation is different to a managed fund, your Superannuation fund or an ETF.
  • Our performance does not include the impact of fees, costs or taxes. Our performance does not include costs like brokerage (paid to a broker) or management fees. Rask does not charge a management fee, but some of the ETFs we recommend have their own fees.
  • We report the mean average return, not a dollar-weighted or a time-weighted return. Rask’s returns are based on the Australian dollar share price at the time we made the recommendation to our members. We compare that price to the recent stock prices (up to 90 minutes delayed and converted to AUD). The benchmarks are measured the same way, since dividends are assumed to have been reinvested in full. We acknowledge that mean average returns are not the best way to report performance but we believe they are easier for our members to understand.
  • Benchmarks. We use two benchmarks for Rask Invest. For our Australian/ASX investment recommendations we compare our share ideas to the S&P/ASX 200 Total Return (AUD) index (XNT). For our international share recommendations (mostly US-listed stocks) we use the Vanguard MSCI International Shares Fund ETF (VGS) (AUD) as our benchmark.
  • Performance is not guaranteed. This performance page in no way represents or constitutes a guarantee of returns. Please remember that investing involves the risk of capital loss. The Rask Group Pty Ltd and its directors or staff do not guarantee an investment’s return.
  • How we treat errors in the table. If there is a data anomaly (e.g. a feed from a particular stock or ETF is broken temporarily), we may exclude that security’s return from the total and averages until the data issue is fixed.

Does this record include every share idea to members?


Our public track records include every ‘official’ stock pick we’ve released for Rask memberships since our inception (note: we often release bonus research that’s not an ‘official’ idea).

Please don’t make a decision to join us solely on our track record. Our track record is nuanced and it’s in the past (aren’t they all). 

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Your Rask analyst team and I are extremely excited, humbled and honoured by the opportunity to be able to identify, research, model and release our best share ideas and investment research with you, our Rask members.

Our focus is fixed on finding Australian and global companies with first-class management, strong competitive advantages, sticky customers, very strong balance sheets and extreme long-term growth potential. We believe these traits make for the best investments.

Thanks for considering us as a trusted investment research provider.


Owen Raszkiewicz

Lead Investment Analyst
Founder, Rask Australia

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