1 mission.
10 small ASX shares.
Lots of upside potential.

The final public intake of Rask Rockets has closed. Access will now be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Please use our Contact Us page to express your interest.

From your analyst team, thank you to those investors who took up the opportunity to join us on this ambitious investment program. 


The mission: 

Find (and buy) 10 ASX shares which could potentially return multiples of the initial investment over the next 10 years. This is a high risk mission.

Rask Rockets is an ASX investment research program designed for Australian investors who want to find (and own) shares of Australia’s next BIG companies.

We’re taking the successful investment philosophy behind Rask Invest, which includes expert-backed share research and our track record, and we’re applying it to finding no more than 10 ASX-listed small-cap companies that we believe have the potential to return 5x, 10x or more over many years.

Make no mistake.

This is a high-risk investment program.

Many rockets will fail.

This program is designed for investors who are willing to take the risk of buying and holding shares in small companies that could be capable of compounding aggressively over many years. Rask Rockets is for ASX investors who want an opportunity to capture some of the ASX’s best performers. Today.

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Before we go any further, you should learn more about our philosophy and the process we have followed to unearth the hidden opportunities inside Rask Rockets.

In June 2020, we capped the first intake of Rockets members at no more than 100 ASX investors. You’re probably wondering why we offered only 100 places in the first intake of the Rask Rockets program… let us explain…

The companies we’ve identified for Rask Rockets are so small, tightly held and in-demand that we couldn’t let thousands of investors know about their potential. There simply wouldn’t be enough shares to go around!

According to Google Finance, as of late May 2020, the median market capitalisation of the ASX rockets we identified for the program stood at just $59 million. We think that’s very small by any investor’s standard. 

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Membership fee:

  • $1,000 for current Rask Invest members. (Click here to join Rask Invest and save)
  • $1,500 for non-Rask Invest members
This equates to a price of between $100 and $150 per Rocket research, respectively. Considering the potential of these companies and the extensive research involved, we believe it’s possible the membership fee could pay for itself many times over.

The Rockets program is scheduled to reopen on July 29th at 6 pm (for registered users) and July 30th (for everyone else). The sale will remain open until midnight, Sunday, August 2nd (unless sold out prior). Current Rask Invest members will have the opportunity to join first. After that, we will open the intake to non-members. 

Current Rask Invest members are the only investors who will receive a discount on the fee to join the Rask Rockets program. 

In late May — before the first intake — we did an analysis and found that the median (or middle) market capitalisation of the ASX-listed companies we identified was below $60 million. 

We can’t tell you what’s right for your situation — that’s a decision for you and/or your financial adviser.

That said, we designed the Rask Rockets program to be an exclusive service for serious and established long-term investors only. 

This program is not for beginners

We believe the best way to know if you’re able to take part in Rask Rockets is by making sure you are capable of buying shares in all 10 companies we identify and you would be comfortable holding them for 5-10 years and you acknowledge that this is a high risk program. 

Some companies will fail (hence the name, Rockets) but thanks to our in-depth, established research and process, we are confident and believe we can also identify successful ASX-listed companies early in their journey.

To be prepared for the Rockets program we believe you should ensure you have a balanced or established portfolio before you join. If you are still developing your understanding of investing, please refer to our Subscriptions page or consider taking one of our free courses on Rask Education. 


The Rask Rockets program will be a once-off program (with a one-time payment) and all of our stock research will be released in the first month of membership. 

All members will have 12 months of online access to the reports and receive important alerts (e.g. rating changes or bonus stock coverage) via email. We will also provide a quarterly review of all 10 companies. All members will have website access for the duration of the program to refer back to the management interviews, other videos, podcasts and written research. 

To confirm: the Rockets program will be a one-time payment.

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