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Ep 94. Q&A: Market highs, $80k school fees, student side hustles & investment paperwork

In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen crack open the podcast inbox for another in-depth Q&A episode. From discussing current market valuations, investing for private school fees, student side hustle ideas, and keeping on top of your investment paperwork, grab a cup of coffee and tune into our latest Q&A episode.

Ep 93. Jeff’s Story: The slippery slope into credit card debt (and out again)

About this episode: This episode is part of The Rask Financial Resilience Mission for 2021. Financial resilience is all about having the resources and tools needed to overcome financial setbacks in your life. In this episode, Kate and Owen chat to listener Jeff about his financial journey over the last few years, including the slippery slope into credit card debt, and how a sound financial position can be quickly turned upside down. Jeff also discusses his strategies for getting out of debt and that you never really know what’s going on with someone’s finances under the surface. To submit your own story, CLICK HERE, or email [email protected] Take our free financial education courses on Rask Education and join our FB community. This interview is the third of our listener stories, which we are publishing as part of our overall Financial Resilience Mission. To submit your own story, or email us! … Read more

Ep 92. Morgan Housel interview: The Psychology of Money

About this episode: Morgan Housel gets interviewed by Kate & Owen for The Australian Finance Podcast about his brilliant book, The Psychology of Money. DOWNLOAD KATE’S FREE EPISODE WORKBOOK “Money has many ironies. Here’s an important one: Wealth is what you don’t see.” Morgan Housel, The Psychology of Money That’s a quote from The Psychology of Money, written by today’s special guest all the way from the US, Morgan Housel. Morgan has a way of explaining financial concepts and ideas in a way the resonates and sticks with a huge audience, so we are pumped to bring this episode to you today. Kate and Owen chat to Morgan about his reflections on writing and reading widely, the important behaviours we should work on to improve our odds of financial success and the most powerful thing money can do for you. We’d love for you to share your takeaways from this … Read more

Ep 86. Kate & Owen’s 2020 wrapped (and personal finance gift ideas for Christmas!)

About this episode: Let’s talk Christmas – Kate’s favourite time of the year! Well it’s high time we wrap up 2020 and wave in the new year, we’re ready for a break over here! But before we do that, we wanted to share with you some of our highlights of 2020 both in the financial space and from our personal lives, to end the year on a high note. This is not a hard hitting episode filled with information on buying shares and the state of the economy, rather a light-hearted look back at the crazy year that’s been. It’s been challenging year for everyone, and it’s important to take some time out to reflect on everything that’s gone on and what you’re going to focus on next. Kate and Owen discuss their 2020 highlights, Christmas money saving ideas, potential gift ideas (including some great personal finance books) and talk … Read more

Ep 84. A basic income for everyone in Australia: is it possible? Ft. Steve Killelea

About this episode: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, we bring you a truly fascinating and thought-provoking conversation with Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea. We chat with Steve about the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI), how it works, and where it’s being tried and tested globally. Steve also spoke about his own personal journey to measure and understand global peace, the creation of the global peace index and why positive peace is essential to a thriving economy. Steve Killelea AM is a global philanthropist focused on peace and sustainable development, with a long, successful career in technology and international business development. Over the last two decades, Steve has applied his business skills to his many global philanthropic activities, established an internationally renowned global think tank, the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) and a private family charity, The Charitable Foundation, which now has over three million … Read more

Ep 75. Health Insurance 101

About this episode: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen dive into the fine-print ridden world of health insurance. From ambulance, hospital and extras cover to the medicare levy surcharge, we provide you with the tools and resources for you to decide if health insurance is right for you. Remember to send your questions through to [email protected] Also if you’ve been enjoying listening to the podcast and are listening through Apple Podcasts, we’d love it if you could leave us a review! Resources: AFP Episode: Ep. 3. Emergency! (insurance) Expert Guest: Tim Tez from AIA Australia Health Insurance | Compare Private Health Insurance Australia The Australian health system What is covered – Ambulance MoneySmart: Health insurance Medicare levy surcharge | Australian Taxation Office Private Health Insurance Basics Private health insurance rebate | Australian Taxation Office Hospital cover product tiers Private health insurance reforms Health insurance tiers … Read more

Ep. 74. Owen’s First Home Buying Journey

On recent episodes of The Australian Finance Podcast, you may recall that Owen dropped a few hints about his plans to buy his first property.
Well, the papers are signed and keys are in hand, so Kate’s turning the tables on Owen this week and finding out just how this share lover ended up buying a house (during COVID-19 no less). From initial research to finally ripping up the carpet, tune in for a deep dive into Owen’s first home buying journey.

Ep 72. Q&A: Investing in Your 40s, Chasing Your Super & Multiple Bank Accounts

About this episode: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen are back behind the mic answering some common listener questions received over the last month. In this episode we answer a range of great questions, ranging from… Help for those starting their finance journey in late 30s/40s/50s Should you get a financial advisor if you’ve only got a small amount of money to manage? Multiple bank accounts & savings with neobanks Are ETFs blowing up? SMSFs versus big Super funds What do I do if you find out that your employer has stopped paying your super? GENERAL ADVICE ONLY. BUT SERIOUSLY IT’S NOT ADVICE AT ALL. Do your own research – always! Remember to send your questions through to [email protected] Also if you’ve been enjoying listening to the podcast and are listening through Apple Podcasts, we’d love it if you could leave us a review! Resources: … Read more

Ep 71. Top Personal Finance Apps For 2020

About this episode: Description: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen share their top personal finance apps for 2020. We often throw out the name of a personal finance app that we’ve found helpful here and there, but in this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen are bringing them all together for you in one spot. From record keeping, budgeting, banking, investing and making money, there’s an app out there for most things nowadays, and we’ll share some of the best ones we’ve found to date. Resources: Record Keeping ATO Tracking App iScanner/Camscanner Budgeting – adi Register of authorised deposit-taking institutions Up Money Frollo Pocketbook or Money Brilliant Finder App Misc Category Credit health – Credit scores and credit reports Beem It – owned by CBA, NAB & Westpac Longevity – super round up app, $20 per year (get those account details correct … Read more

Ep. 70 Is FI/RE right for you? Special guest Lacey Filipich

About this episode:  In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate talks with expert guest Lacey Filipich, Founder and Author of Money School. Ultimately, the FIRE movement is all about taking back control over your time, and Lacey is a wonderful example of an Aussie doing just that. Kate chats to Lacey about her journey to financial independence (without even being aware of the FIRE movement), how to know if the goal of FI/RE is right for you, whether having a family stands in the way of your goals and the idea of becoming time rich.  Resources: Money School Book FI Supply Calculator Money Debates Virtual Summit (31st Aug – 1st Sep 2020)

Ep 68. Mental Health & Wellbeing During Uncertain Times with Anna Glynn

About this episode: In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen talk with Anna Glynn, a positive psychology teacher and expert on wellbeing. Before starting her own practice, Anna worked in financial services for a decade. Anna talks us through essential tips for combating the tricks our mind can play on us, especially during times of uncertainty. Things we talk about: Think more positive at home or while we’re at work Highlights the importance of connections with others around — even if you’re living with them 24/7 How to supercharge your happiness by dialling down negative stimulus and focusing on the good Why video calls with friends are an easy way to boost your happiness The importance of having and feeling like you have purpose in your day The ‘three good things’ intervention and tricking your mind to be happier more often Why it’s important to smile … Read more

Ep 67. Budgets Don’t Work with Melissa Browne

About this episode: How does thinking and talking about money make you feel? Is it something you avoid, run screaming from or happily chat about? Mel Browne helps people unlearn and relearn, to swap behaviour, to be aware of their money triggers and their money identity and discover how to apply personal leadership to their finances. It’s time to understand that money isn’t good or evil but is simply a tool we can use to help us design the life we love. Show notes & resources: Mel Browne (@moremoneyforshoes) • Instagram Get the book: Booktopia: Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does) Mel’s Uncensored Money Podcast Owen’s long-form interview with Mel Browne

Ep 56. Property prices to fall 30%? Maybe… but maybe not

Your friend: “OMG, did you hear that “they” said Australian property prices are going to fall by 30%?”You: “Who’s ‘they’ and what data did they use?”Your friend: “No idea. But seriously how bad’s that!”With bold predictions about the direction of Australian house prices getting tossed around left right and centre, falling rental prices, COVID-19 and first home buyers licking their lips, Owen took the opportunity to talk about house prices, the basics of economics for property, the latest data and forecasts, why forecasts are almost always specifically wrong and how to think about buying property in 2020.  iTunes | Spotify | Castbox | YouTube  Notes & Resources Property news and forecasts Migration Rask money course Amy Lunardi podcast Pete Wargent Investors Podcast 1 Pete Wargent Investors Podcast 2 (2020 version) Owen & Sophie’s chart (below)

Ep. 52. Coronavirus Checklist: 5 Money Moves to Make in April 2020

April has been a funny month and it certainly feels like we’re all just treading water. Something that has helped us feel slightly more in control at the moment, is making small changes in our lives that will be beneficial to us down the track. In this episode, Kate and Owen each break down five financially focused tasks you could complete during April. From preparing for tax time to sorting out your super, ticking off just one of these tasks will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something to improve your financial future. iTunes | Spotify | Castbox | YouTube  Notes & Resources: Resources:  Kate’s blog – How To Money Australia – check it out Early access to Super episode

Ep. 43. 5 Things About Money I Have Learnt Since High School

What are the 5 things you wish you were taught about money at High School (or younger)? In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast Kate shares her story, including the 5 most important money lessons she learned after leaving school. These include understanding that no-one knows everything about finance and investing, so the onus is on us to navigate our own path to financial independence.

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Ep. 42. 6 Things You Must Do With Your Finances in 2020

iTunes | Spotify | Castbox | YouTube  Episode 43: With almost 50 episodes under their belt, Kate and Owen from The Australian Finance Podcast break it down to the 6 most important actions to take in 2020. These 6 steps, covering budgeting to Super and investing, will help you make 2020 your financial year yet. Don’t delay, start listening and start getting it done. Resources: Master your finances with Owen’s free finance programs How To Money

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Ep. 3. Emergency! (insurance)

iTunes – Spotify – Castbox – YouTube  About this episode: Stuff happens in life that you don’t expect – we both know that, but despite that knowledge, we often don’t prepare financially for when (excuse my French), shit hits the fan. In this episode, we chat about the importance of having an emergency fund and why it should be a key priority when you’re starting to sort out your financial health. We also delve into the strange and often complex world of insurance, the stuff no one wants to pay for, but they’re grateful they did when the unexpected happens. Show notes: Owen’s insurance checklist: download from your (free) Rask account Reources: MoneySmart: Life Insurance Calculator Financial Rights Legal Centre: Driver’s Information MoneySmart: Insurance Information MoneySmart: Disaster-Proof Your Finances Insurance Comparison Sites Canstar Finder Choice Compare the Market iSelect Mozo

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Ep. 1. Banking, Budgeting and Emergency Funds

iTunes – Spotify – Castbox – YouTube  About this episode: Banking, Budgets and Emergency Funds! We know they’re probably some of your least favourite words but when it comes to your finances, they’re probably some of the most important.  Without understanding the products that you’re using, your money in/money out picture and having an emergency fund for life’s unexpected curveballs, you’re putting yourself in a position where your money (or lack of) controls you. In this episode, we break down some of the key things you should look for in your common banking products, how to start putting together your budget and why an emergency fund is an essential step towards building a sound financial future! Why is an emergency fund important? You’ll get wiped out if you stop earning Helps you stay afloat when unforeseen situations happen (without going into debt) Helps you to avoid selling assets at a bad time to get the money … Read more

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