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Episode 31: Jacob Mitchell – Antipodes

On this episode:

Jacob Mitchell is the Founder of Antipodes Partners in Sydney. I first met Jacob many years ago, not long after he left his prominent role as Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Platinum.

Through this conversation I discovered that Jacob comes from a humble background and his extremely successful career in investing and business is a product of his drive to continue learning and growing as a professional. You’ll get a lot from this episode if you’re the type of person who is ambitious and driven for career success.

Antipodes Partners has grown very fast to become one of Australia’s leaders in global long-short stock market investing, with Jacob overseeing around $8.5 billion of capital at the time of recording.

Jacob and his team actively pursue short ideas as part of their unique three-dimensional quantitative and qualitative investing process. Jacob and I discuss his process in detail, recent macro events, the concept of irrational extrapolation and clustered research.

I trust you’ll enjoy this episode with Jacob Mitchell of Antipodes Partners.

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  • 1:30 – Intro to Jacob

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